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Industrial Park

Montpelier Industrial Park
County Road 400 E, State Hwy. 18
Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Blackford County, Indiana

City of Montpelier

Owner / Agent
N / A


Description of Land Site
Phase I was completed in March 2006. No further action required.

Sale Price Quoted
$12,000 per acre (negotiable)

Current Taxes
N /A

Electrical Service
Indiana Michigan Power

Nearest Electrical Feed
Indiana Michigan Power currently serves electric power to the Montpelier Industrial Park from the Montpelier – Roll 12kV circuit. The station transformer, a 69/12 kV 12/20 M VA bank can take on another 12-15 MVA of load.

Name and Distance of Nearest Substations (2)
The site is about 4,000 feet from the station, following the route of the Roll circuit. The circuit breaker in the station limits the circuit capacity to 12MVA, which leaves just under 7 MVA of available capacity. If a customer requires more than available capacity, construction of infrastructure improvements can be underway in 90 days or less. There are no plans in the immediate future to build another station or add capacity. The transformer is only 50% loaded.

Approximate Power Cost ( $ / kWh)

Sources and Percentages of Power (Hydro, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Wind)
Vectren Natural Gas provider

Sources and Percentages of Power (Hydro, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Wind)

The natural gas distribution main is located approximately 4/10th of a mile north of this site. The gas distribution main is a four inch steel line with 200 pounds per square inch pressure. Upon request for service, Vectren will extend without charge its facilities including distribution mains, underground gas service pipes, meters and other equipment necessary to provide service, provided Vectren’s estimate of its Non-Gas revenue from such gas service for a period of five and one half years is equivalent to or in excess of Vectren’s estimate of the cost for providing such facilities.

Nearest Fiber Line Location
Montpelier is pleased to announce that BG Networking will be installing fiber optic lines to the industrial park. The project is expected to be completed by early Spring 2015.

Other Tenants in Vicinity
Naturally Recycled Protein is currently located in our Industrial Park and CreekRun, an environmental engineering firm, is constructing an office building which will be located on the southern most parcel in the park. Central States Enterprises, a grain terminal is located to the east of the Industrial Park. On the north side of park, across State Hwy 18, are other industries including Emhart Gripco, QEP Veneer, and Smith Consulting. Property to the west and south of park is agriculture.

Proximity to Freeways
Adjacent to State Hwy. 18, 14 miles east of Interstate 69.

Proximity to Airport/Flight Paths
37 miles to Fort Wayne International Airport

Proximity to Rail Line
Rail to this park is not available

This park has been designated as a Shovel Ready site. It has been pre-approved by the City of Montpelier for tax abatement on real estate and equipment.

Mayor Kathy Bantz~ 300 W. Huntington St. ~ Montpelier, IN 47359 ~ Ph. 765-728-6500 ~ E-mail: