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Welcome to the official government website for Montpelier, Indiana.  Montpelier, Indiana sets in Blackford County in East-Central Indiana.  Montpelier is the ultimate as far as small cities go. There are great schools, great churches, great parks and great employment opportunities with its industries and businesses. There is a great downtown area with good shopping opportunities and great bargains. There are parks and festivals and something most communities do not have: A sanctioned race track that is active almost every weekend from spring to fall. Montpelier is a friendly community where neighbors care for neighbors. Its history is rich from the military exhibits in parks, to the American Indian statue in the center of town, to a memorial honoring their sons and daughters.  Two of those are astronaut Kevin Ford and WNBA star Jill Chapman.  There are many places to explore the historical part of Montpelier, IN. But the biggest resource Montpelier has is its citizens.

This website is designed to provide the citizens of Montpelier with a place to go for information about their community. It is also here for you to get a taste of what makes Montpelier a great place to live. We hope you will come, visit and see what you are missing.